Brain Wizard

Structuring. Iterating. Smart.

How does the Brain Wizard help?

You have an important but still vague question? Or just a subject area that you are interested in, but you cannot tell yet what you are exactly looking for? You don’t know how to approach the issue and don’t have the time to structure it more precisely? The Brain Wizard helps you.

The Brain Wizard takes your input and afterwards proposes a first structure to further approach your question. Upon request he dives deeper into the problem and develops first hypotheses with the help of the Data and Analytics Wizards.

This can be used as a basis for an iterative exploration process in which the interim results are continuously and jointly discussed and further proceedings aligned. In this manner the Brain Wizard ensures that the results match exactly your knowledge need, even if you weren’t able to define it exactly in the beginning.

The results are prepared in the format that you request and made available to you.

What does the Brain Wizard cost?

The fee is discussed jointly and agreed upon individually based upon effort and timeframe. Based on the iterative process the fee is always calculated for the next work stage. The following examples will give you some guidance concerning our typical fees.

Example for a problem

Possible opportunities for growth?

Your company is doing well financially, you are covering your home market well but would like to grow? You don’t know exactly what options could be good?
You already thought about acquisitions, new products or other regions? But you would like to look at the problem more systematically?

During this project for a German special steel processing company with 4000 employees the Brain Wizard developed after 5 iterations in the course of 10 weeks a systematic approach and conducted selective deep-dives of several growth options including preparation of the results in a PowerPoint presentation.


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