Data, Analytics & More

Individual research and analytic insights to act on proved results and accelerate your business

Why Knowledge Wizard

Do you need data, analysis or information on individual issues, but you are hesitant to put in a high effort in personnel, time and finances?

We have made it our mission to convert data into premium knowledge – for businesses of all sizes – simple, fast and cost effective. From data cleansing and structuring, researches and analytics, to implementation of individual requests – we take care of everything for you that is connected to knowledge.

Increase knowledge, lower costs, make business success happen

Our aim is to facilitate simple, fast and cost effective access to knowledge for every business. Because we believe knowledge is key for the success of businesses. We want to help you to make business success happen – through relevant knowledge whenever you need it.

Our Services


You need structured data, fast and in high quality? You want to cleanse or consolidate data? Leave the work to us and save time and internal resources with the Data Wizard.


You would like to understand the market better? Or your competitors? Or your company figures? You will receive individual reports and analytics with the Analytics Wizard, widen your market and company knowledge and identify the potentials for your company.


You have an important issue, that still is a bit unclear and vague? You will receive individual support in solving and structuring your issue with our Brain Wizard and accelerate business processes and decisions